Curiculum Framework

Figure 1 : PYP Curriculum Model


The Written Curriculum
Program of Inquiry (POI) 2017/2018

**The complete POI is also available in the School Diary

The Taught Curriculum

Inquiry learning is the core methodology used in PYP schools. The taught curriculum considers what is significant, relevant and engaging for the students. In the PYP it is believed that students learn best when they are actively engaged in their own learning by investigating issues after formulating their own questions and then proceeding with research, experimentation, observation and analysis that will help them to find solutions. This does not mean that the skills of literacy and numeracy are not considered, as these are required to support ongoing inquiry, but these skills are developed within the context of the units of inquiry.

The Assessed Curriculum

Assessment is an important part of each unit of inquiry as it both enhances learning and provides opportunities for students to reflect on what they know, understand and can do.

Assessment is ongoing and progress is reported to parents through;

3 Way Conference; in the first semester where students, parents and teachers sit together to plan individual goals and strategies for each child for the forthcoming year.

Written Report; at the end of each semester.

Parents Teacher Conference; designed to give the parents information about the student’s progress development and needs after written report sent home.

Student Led Conference; during the second semester where students share their learning and experiences with parents in the authentic setting of the classrooms and specialist areas.

Home Portfolio Conference; at the end of each semester, where students reflect on their progress through work samples in the student portfolio.